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Renee Roaming

Photo Presets: Essentials Bundle Pack

Photo Presets: Essentials Bundle Pack

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This bundle includes both the Essentials Mobile Pack and the Essentials Desktop Pack, so that you can create beautiful photo edits from all your devices.

Both packs include 20 photo presets, including 4 core presets (All Rounder, Cinematic, Alpine, Evergreen) and an additional 4 variations for each preset. These preset variations were created so that you can quickly and easily dial in settings like contrast and color, allowing you to achieve stunning one-click photo edits!

The Essentials Desktop Pack also includes a BONUS download of 21 Lightroom ‘Roaming Preset Tools’. This convenient toolbar simplifies the editing process and allows you to quickly dial in your edits.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #RoamingPresets when uploading to Instagram so we can see and reshare your edits!

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